About Me

                  WHO AM I?

I am a fun-loving college student named Terra who loves the Lord.

I have a, perhaps, unhealthy obsession with Lord of the Rings.  Netflix is my best friend and worst enemy and will be the reason I procrastinate posting many times.

 I am honest, loud, and I truly believe I am hilarious. I am majoring in communications and would love to eventually do something with that.  However, my heart truly lies with ministry.

What is TrulyTerraLeigh?

Sometimes in life God reveals things to you.  This is one of those times.  My true passion in life is to minister to, help, and love others.  My spiritual gifts are mercy and encouragement and what better way to use these than through a blog?  I want to take mistakes I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned and help all of you!  So, long story short, this is a lifestyle blog that will focus on life, love, and so much more but through a biblical point of view.

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