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Testimonies are one of my favorite things.  They are so unique and yet they all have the common theme of showing what Christ has done in that persons life.  I always wanted to have a really cool testimony and would pray that God would give me something super awesome.. Not my best move.  Whatever the turnout though, I am who I am today because of God’s grace.  So without further ado.. here is my testimony.

I grew up in church.  When I was 5 years old my father got called into ministry and became the bi-vocational pastor of the church he grew up in.  I spent all of my childhood under the pressures that come with being the pastor’s kid, especially when the entire congregation is related to you, a family friend, or will be related to you within the next couple generations.  I’m not sure how it happened but somewhere from all of this I developed a desperate need for acceptance and attention.  There was no reason to.  My parents were good parents and we were, and still are, an incredibly tight family.  Regardless, I began to fall down a hole of desperation.

I was saved at the age of 13 at a church camp I attended with another church.  I suddenly came to appreciate what the Lord had done for me and came home on fire.  It didn’t take long before that fire went out and I returned to my old ways.  Desperate for friendship, I was willing to do or try anything (within reason) to fit in.  Every couple of months I would change my identity in search of a group that would take me.  None ever did.  In fact, the only true friends I ever made were two cool guys by the names of Matt and Garrett.  They put up with a lot from me and still support ad love me to this day.

Over the course of middle school, high school, and some of college, I did some rough stuff.  Drinking and lust were two sins I would fall into time and time again.  One day, God said enough.  I won’t get into details but it only took one night to change my life forever.  From then on, I knew that God was the only thing I could truly rely on.  He saved me from myself and I am so grateful.

So here I am now, saved by grace with a passion for ministry.  I would love to take all the things that God has taught me and share them with everyone.  This is the purpose of this blog.  To drop some knowledge on ya’ll about my faith, life, and the pursuit of… something!

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